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Hello!  I'm so happy you found me here!  I started this little blog in 2011 when my third baby was born and I was home full time lovin' on her.  We have had quite the journey since she was born and many blessings that I am humbly grateful for. But let me go a little further back first so you can get to know me a little.

My handsome  husband that I tend to call my hot hubby and I live in Oregon with our three incredible children.  Here's the interesting part...our oldest daughter Autumn is 21, our son Ryan is 13 and our youngest Emma is 7!  Yep, we spread those babies out.  Although the age gap was not our intention early on, God had different plans and we sure are thankful for each little spice of life.  As you can imagine, they keep us young and moving in all directions with full hearts and daily reminders of what is important.

So we were also blessed this year with our first grandbaby!  Yes!  Miss Erin was born on 10/04/18 (10 - 4 good buddy).  To say that I fell in love the minute I met her is an understatement.  I really thought it would be a bonding experience because she didn't grow inside of me like my babies.  But let me tell ya somethin', it's a love I've never known.  It's beyond what I ever expected and the bond was instant.

The Hot Hubby is otherwise known as Steve and works as a paramedic.  Awfully convenient, right?  This is his part two career in life as he went back to school just a few years back when I was pregnant with baby number three.  I'm not going to lie, those years he was in school were some of the most challenging in our relationship.  He was not working and going to school full time.  I'll let your mind wander but share that finances played a huge role in the stress and we had to move from a big beautiful home, into a small rental house.  Although it's true what they say, the hard stuff really does make you stronger.  I wouldn't trade those years for anything now.  And this man is now a field training officer and preceptor that trains other students and employees to become a Paramedic.  In addition, he is teaching at a local college to paramedic students while he enjoys his career as a Paramedic himself.  Sorry, I"m just so proud of him...I don't mean to sound like I"m braggin' on him.

So it was in that little house that I started this little blog because I needed a creative outlet.  Without owning a home to DIY and limited income, I was aching for some kind of artistic flair.  This was also the time right after I had just had Emma, so food and nutrition became a new passion for me.  I learned so much about food and health and started putting together recipes and began blogging about those.  I watched just about every cooking show I could and it's about then that I found Pinterest too!  I've grown so much since that time and now tend to stick to a non-processed food clean eating regiment for my family, but that was exactly what I needed and exactly when I needed it.

We are beyond blessed to now be homeowners once again and I couldn't be more grateful for our little craftsman home here in our little neighborhood, in our classic Americana small town.  It's amazing how much more we appreciate something when we have had to work so hard to obtain or achieve it.  We bought our house in September 2013 and have slowly but surely been making updates and changes whenever and wherever we can.  Our home was built in 1998 so it was pretty dated and had some crazy colors on the walls when we purchased it.  But having a home that was already perfect would not have really suited me well!  I've had years of files and dreams and styles and designs built up in my head and on my Pinterest pages and even paper files.  Now I get to watch them come to life!

I'm the kinda girl that sees what I want and if I don't have the money, I make it.  Or I buy something really cheap and then turn it into what I want.  I don't generally like to make the same thing more than a couple of times because the artistic fun falls out of it!  So my home is all DIY from thrift stores, hand me downs, junk piles, and budget stores.  I LOVE the farmhouse industrial style look mixed with vintage pieces and shabby chic love.  An evening in my garage with a project, paint and power tools in hand makes me feel alive!

I am humbly saved by grace and I firmly believe in dancing in the rain, singing in the shower and following your dreams.  I love adventure and have a passion for people, family, and home.  I love deeply and fiercely and was taught by my beautiful mama that life is meant to be celebrated and lived.

So welcome to my blog and and the diy designer life I've created in our little town....and the life we share inside our home.  I hope that you too may be inspired to try new things, create spaces that fill your soul and live life adventurously! 

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