November 02, 2016

Update your staircase on a Budget!

Our home was built in 1998.  Some of the finishes that were installed are very timeless with a Craftsman style.  Other finishes reflect the year of the home and show it's age.  The wood on our staircase was the old yellow oak finish that was so very popular in the 1990's and into the 20th century.  But the style of the banister is very classic and Craftsman. 

Often you will see in old farmhouses and even in some new homes built today that the staircase is all white.  I LOVE the white look as it feels fresh and bright and clean.

So today...was FINALLY the day to do it.  I felt like when you walked into my home it was the first thing you would see and that it made my home feel dated.  (Although I'm sure it was more me than anyone else with these thoughts)

Here are the BEFORE photos.

Honestly?  Part of why I put this off so long as it seemed like a tedious task that was going to take FOREVER!  But it didn't!  I did it in just a day.  Although it's not quite completely's all done.  

An afternoon with the kids at school and this lady can accomplish GREAT THINGS!

I started with my little cheat that I have shared in other posts before.  That I like to use chalk paint as my PRIMER!  For a staircase, chalk paint isn't as durable as a trim/cabinet/door paint so I didn't want to go that route.  I used the same techniques that I did on my kitchen cabinets.  You can find that tutorial by clicking below. 

I have found a chalk paint that is much less expensive than many other brands out there (like by almost $15 a quart!) and works just as well.  I'm using Rustoleum chalk paint in Linen White for this project.  You can buy it yourself on Amazon by clicking the link below.

I use a cheap brush that I can throw away if need be.  I've just learned to accept I'm one of those people that often forgets to clean my brushes.  After who knows how many expensive brushes over the years, I have resorted to keeping it simple.

After first cleaning with TSP (link below for product information), I applied a thin coat of the chalk paint to all the yellow oak on my staircase.

TSP Cleaner - CLICK HERE!!!

Then I finished with 2 coats of cabinet/trim/door paint.  Standard off the shelf white to match my interior trim.  I think it turned out great!

I can't tell you how much brighter and how fresh it feels compared to the yellowed oak.

Eventually I plan to take the carpet off those stairs and have wood stairs, but all in good time and one step at a time.

Thank you for stopping by my blog today, and as always...let me know if you take the plunge and take this project on yourself!  I'd love to see YOUR before and after photos.  

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