February 13, 2012

Framed Chalkboard Menu

Framed Chalkboard Menu

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I have wanted to make one of these for FOREVER!  My mom has one she made and it's always SO fun to see what's for dinner when go for Sunday dinners or holidays!  I LOVE the chalkboard look too!  So I FINALLY got around to making one of my own...and it didn't cost me a thing!

I started with a few supplies. 

Picture Frame (old thick frame i had used over and over around the house)
Chalkboard Paint
Staple Gun
Plywood cut to size of frame

(I happened to have all of the above around the house so I didn't need to buy ANYTHING!)

I started by painting this frame the color I wanted.  I chose a dark rich brown. 

 But you could go with a pop of color like Pink or Teal or Lime Green!  (Depends on where you are putting it and what colors are in your decor)

Next - I cut a piece of plywood to size

THREE good coats of chalkboard spray paint and I let it dry REALLY REALLY well!


After removing any nails or staples remaining on the back of my frame....

I fit the board into its place.

I LOOOVE to use the staple gun!!!

It worked great to keep the board in place!

IT TURNED OUT SOOOOOOO AWESOME!  I LOVE IT!   And I couldn't even WAIT to try it out!  The board wasn't done until AFTER dinner!  And.....I put the menu up anyway :)

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