November 17, 2011

Framed Monogram Gift

Framed Monogram Gift

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I made this gift for a friend of mine on her birthday!  She was newly married and so I thought this might be something she could enjoy for years to come.  You could customize this and change ANY of the elements to give it a different look, plus you could give it for an Anniversary...a Birthday....a Christmas Gift.  The possibilities are endless!

I started with a few supplies. 

Picture Frame 8x10 (I bought inexpensively)
Brown Craft (or postal) paper (you could use a fabric or burlap for texture)
Crafting Moss (you could use a designer paper instead)
Letter printed on regular paper (I made it in word pick font & letter)
Glue Stick
Tag (left over from another project)
Little mini brads for embellishments
Black ink pen
Sting or rope

I started by cutting out a piece of the brown postal/craft paper the exact size of the glass so I had something to work with.

The paper kept trying to curl on me so I adhered it to the picture frame back board.  If you used a thick card stock type paper you wouldn't have this issue. 

Next, I cut out my letter or 'Monogram' and laid it out on the back of the moss I was using for my Monogram design.  I traced it onto the moss so it would be easy to cut out.  ***Remember to trace it with your letter upside down since you are on the back side of the designer paper (or moss in this case) that you want to use.
 it where you want it on the craft paper.  DON'T GLUE IT DOWN YET THOUGH!  You may want to move things around when you add the tag and embellishments.

(I was SOOOO excited!  It turned out looking SO cool with the moss)

Now...for the tag.  I have these left over tags from many other projects so I decided to use it.  I wanted to embellish it though so I decided to stud the corners with these mini scrap booking brads I saw at the store.  I pre-made the holes with the tip of a knife to make it easier to insert the brads where I wanted them.

They are soooo little...and soooo cute! 

LOVE the look!

 Then I wrote with a black ink pen 'Est. 2010'.  This is the year she was married, so this is the year that 'B' became her Monogram.  If you were doing for someone younger you could do the first initial of the first name.  For example....and H for Heather and then the tag could say 'Est. 1997' or whatever year they were born.

 Next I tied knots in the end of each side of some string I had and frayed the ends.  I looped the tag around the letter 'B' and played with it until I like the placement.  THEN....I carefully glued everything down.

Then I placed it in the frame....and WAaaaa LAAAAAA!  

Thank you again for stopping by my blog!  And I LOOOOVE to hear all about YOUR crafting adventures!!!

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