July 19, 2011

Pottery Barn Knock Off - Refinished Shelving

Pottery Barn Knock Off ~ Refinished Shelving / Media Center

So I've had this old shelf in my garage for years intending to refinish it someday.  I think I picked it up either free on the side of the road or at a garage sale somewhere.  Well, I finally had a need for this INSIDE the house so REFINISHING IT....was a MUST!

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Here....is the before pictures!

I started sanding it right away to get as much of the finish off as I could.  Now I knew I wanted the main color to be WHITE and I knew I wanted it to have an AGED POTTERY BARN LOOK.

So I started sanding and sanding.  Then I picked an army green color I wanted to show through underneath the white when I aged it.  And...I started painting....

Once it was GOOD and DRY...I added two very good coats of WHITE ~ SATIN FINISH PAINT.

I LOVE the planking on the shelves and how it looks painted.  I knew it would help with the DISTRESSED look.

So then....after it dried....REALLY WELL....I started sanding with my belt sander to give it an aged and distressed look.  Focusing mainly on the edges and corners where furniture naturally ages.....

NOW!  I brought it in the house...added a couple baskets and used it as a temporary media center :)  I REALLY LOVE how this turned out!  It goes perfect in the room!

WHAT DO YOU THINK!  I Love to hear your comments....

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