June 08, 2011

'Jerk' or Classic Caribbean Rubbed Chicken & Pineapple

'Jerk' or Classic Caribbean Rubbed Chicken & Pineapple!

Somewhereeee...over the rainbowwwwww....waaaayyyyyyyy..up highhhhhh.....

Let me start by saying....WE NEED A VACATION!

You have NO idea how amazing this recipe is and I didn't either until I tried it!  Sweet but spicy and FAMILY friendly too!

I took a couple different recipes and through one together myself here and I created my own spice jar that holds allll the spicy/sweet goods!  Check the spice jar out or make your own here......

Thank you....thank you and Thank YOU AGAIN for stopping by my blog....!  I at first thought I could maintain this everyday...then every other day.  Now....well I've realized that twice a week is a GOOD compromise.  I do ALOT at home...and I'll post my BEST when I post....come back..visit...and ENJOY!

Nutrition Facts:
CALORIES:  225 with 2 pineapple slices
FAT:  1.5 g

Heather's Classic Caribbean Rub:
2 - Tablespoons of dried onion
1-  Tablespoon of garlic powder
4 - teaspoons of dried thyme leaves

2 - teaspoons of sea salt
2 - teaspoons of ground allspice

1/2 - teaspoon of gr cinnamon

1/2 - teaspoon ground nutmeg 
1  - tablespoon sugar
2 - tablespoons ground pepper

1 - teaspoon cayenne
1 - can sliced pineapple

4 - 6 oz Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts

Heather's Classic Caribbean Sauce: 
Juice from drained pineapple
2 - tablespoons spicy brown mustard
1- tablespoon honey
1 - tablespoon\ brown sugar
1 - teaspoon of 'Heather Classic Caribbean Jerk Seasoning' (recipe listed above)

Heat your grill to medium high or 350 degrees.  Spray with Pam cooking spray consistently until meat is added to the grill.  (note...all grills heat differently....id it seems to hot..probably to hot...)

So I start with 3 (for my family of 4 but with little ones) boneless skinless chicken breasts.

And I use my JERK seasoning that I have PRE-made and you can make yourself! 

Then start with a can of PINEAPPLE!  Really....so cheap,,,drain the juice into a pot for sauce....:)

Spray the tops of your Chicken & Pineapple with Pam cooking spray and season generously....

 Now add all your ingredients for your Heather's Classic Caribbean Sauce and whisk heating on a medium heat.

 Throw them on the grill!

Time to ENJOY!

Thank you again for stopping by my blog!  I'd love to hear from YOU!

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