June 04, 2011

Farmer's Market Find

Farmer's Market Find!!!

I found this totally awesome piece for only $6 at our local farmer's market.  Gotta tell ya...if you live here in Canby, OR....you HAVE to check out the FARMER's MARKET!!!

I want to apologize for not posting much this week....my kids have kept me CRAZY busy and I just havn't had a chance.  Thank you SO much for your understanding!
So.....I found this AMAZING  piece at our local FARMER's MARKET!  I didn't know WHAT I was going to do with it but....SOMETHING...had to be done....

Started with this...beautiful cedar piece!

Soooo...what do I want to do....what do I want to dooo...what oh what oh what??  I decided on a centerpiece for the table.  But I wanted it distressed.....so I started with a green I already had....

 see it alllll. green here!

Then...I painted it an off/white/khaki color....

then...I needed to distress it....

I wanted the green to show through...but not tooooo much!

Then...I added a few canning jars...a candle, and a few cuts from my garden pots...adding water to keep them alive.

LOOOOOVE that you came by my blog and I would love even MORE if you left a comment or became a follower!  And be sure to let me know :)  You all keep me alive!  Over  visitors in not even 2 months!!!!!  Thank you!

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