May 10, 2011

Moss Covered Elephant

Moss Covered Elephant!

So I KNEW I wanted to do SOMETHING else with that MOSS that I used last week on my CANDLE CABANA that you can access here.  And I've seen ideas ALL over blog land about using MOSS for different things.  

We had this wooden elephant sculpture that we have had FOREVER it seems like.  My husband and I have ALWAYS loved it because elephants are supposed to represent 'Family'.  So I thought I was sitting in my living room scoping out WHAT I COULD COVER WITH MOSS....this might look SUPER COOL!'s what I started with.  
(My baby was down for a nap so I started immediately when I thought of it!)

As I was heating up my hot glue gun I started looking at the DETAILS of this elephant and started to wonder how this was gonna work....:0  Was it even going to LOOK like an elephant when I was done??

But when I started attaching the moss, I realized it was SUPER FORGIVING and molded right into the next piece and whatever shape I wanted.  

I cut small strips of the moss and kept attaching it with the hot glue and you couldn't even tell where one piece met the next!  It was awesome!  (I did however burn my fingers MULTIPLE TIMES on this project pressing the moss into the hot glue...well worth it I think though)

Then...I WAS DONE!  It took me about a half an hour and my five year old son is my biggest fan!

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  1. The elephant looks great with the moss, gives it a whole new lease of life!

  2. That is a lovely idea! We had a couple of those wooden in India when I was a kid.


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