May 16, 2011

Custom Spice Rack Re-DO!

Custom Spice Rack Re-DO!

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This is my BRAND NEW spice rack I got from my husband for mother's day -- that I redid to customize it for ME!  I orginally wanted this really cool stainless steel one we had seen at Costco.  But when he bought me this one instead...I actually decided I like it BETTER!  You's wood, which means I can CUSTOMIZE it OVER...and over...and over through the years to make it match my newest kitchen with....JUST A LITTLE PAINT!

Here is the brand new pretty thing...emptied of it's spices.

I KNEW I wanted the 'Shabby Chic' look for this so I went digging through my garage for some supplies.  I started lightly sanding it down to take off the varnish with sandpaper.

Then...I dug out my left over spray paint.  With 'Shabby Chic' I needed BLACK underneath so when I sanded it down to make it look old and worn....the black would show through.

After one REALLY good coat of black, I gave it TWO really good thorough coats of WHITE!

Then...I took some sandpaper pads I had left over from another project in the garage and started on the corners...removing some of the loose paint and around the corners to make it look worn.

I LOVED the worn look and I think it turned out PERFECT!

I LOVE how this one turned out....HMMMM...Maybe I'll do our DESK NEXT!

Thanks again for stopping by and I'd LOVE to see you tomorrow!  Good Night!

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