May 01, 2011

Award Winning BBQ Ribs

Award Winning BBQ Ribs!
Yes...that's right...I actually entered these up against another rib recipe with several judges.......and WON!
HANDS DOWN!  And they are SUPER easy!

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 So my husband had a group of his firefighter friends over last night to watch the UFC fight.  I had to figure out what to make....and my Award Winning BBQ Ribs is what my husband requested!

This ribs recipe comes from a fourth of July many years ago.  We went to a friend of my husband's parents house and his Dad made the most AMAZING ribs I had ever had.  He made it with 'his' favorite BBQ sauce but the basic principle is there.  Now we don't make ribs ANY other way!


Nutritional Info Per Serving:  About 200 calories in each 3 oz serving
Preparation Time: About 30 minutes
Cook Time: About 4 hours and 30 minutes
Servings: Varies according to your meat rack purchase
Pairing: I served it with my Cheesy Bacon Scalloped Potatoes and a BIG Caesar Salad!
1 - Rack of baby back pork ribs (you can use beef if you prefer)
1 - bottle of Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce
Pam Cooking Spray

Heat water to boiling...about half full in a LARGE pot!

Cut your ribs into sets of TWO.  If you cut them into singles they will FALL APART in the water.

Add about a teaspoon of salt or so to your boiling water and then add your ribs.

I had two pots going because we had 3 racks of ribs cooking for FIGHT NIGHT!  So fun!  Set your timer and boil for 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Line a cooking sheet with tin foil and spray heavily with Pam Cooking Spray. (HELPS WITH CLEAN UP)

Preheat oven to 250 degrees.

 Put your bottle of BBQ sauce in a large bowl.

Then turn off your burners and remove the ribs from your water.  NOW.....cut into SINGLES
 ... dip your singles into your BBQ sauce.


Place your BBQ coated single ribs onto your prepared cooking sheet.  Bake for 2 hours at 250 degrees.

THIS is a CROWD pleaser FOR sure!  Everyone loves ribs and EVERYONE loves THESE ribs!  Your done!  Your kitchen will be swarmed and they will be gone in minutes FLAT!

THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN for stopping by.  I looooove visitors and Truly enjoy hearing HOW your cooking adventures turned out!  Thanks so much!

Enjoy your ribs always...  be sure to let me know how YOURS turned out! 

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  1. oh my these look awesome come visit me at

  2. Boy, these look good and are making me hungry. Thank you for sharing your award-winning recipe at Joy of Desserts.

  3. Heather, I'm so gonna try this method. I bake them with the sauce so this time, I'll boil them first.

    Linking this up with us made the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop better and more special. Thank you!

  4. Mmm.. I'm not a rib lover, but those do look good! Might have to try them!


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