April 21, 2011

Turkey Tacos

Turkey Tacos!
(My take on a healthy version without sacrificing the taste)

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So most of us all know how to make tacos.  This is just my take on them.  I add a few specific products to add flavor and cut fat and calories.  My family loves them and I was STARVING when I made them tonight!

Oh...and MY tacos are SELF SERVE!!! :)

Note:  Stay tuned....for my new 'Weight Loss Diary' page!
(I've lost 52 pounds with these recipes each night and still losing ...)
Nutritional Info Per ServingVaries according to your toppings but about 300 calories
Preparation Time: About 15 minutes     
Cook Time:  About 10 minutes
Number of Servings: 6
6 - Reduced Fat Tortillas (we use Jalapeno Cilantro flavored)
3/4 - cup shredded low fat cheese
1 - medium sized tomato, diced
1/2 - medium sized onion, diced
1/4 - cup cilantro, chopped
1 - 1.25 pounds of 99% Fat Free Ground Turkey
1 - can of Fat Free Refried beans 
2 - tablespoons of Jalapeno, canned
1/4 - cup Jalapeno juice, from can
1/4 - taco seasoning
3/4 - cup Fat Free OR Reduced Fat Sour Cream

Cook your turkey over medium high heat until cooked through.

Add your taco seasoning and the water it requires.  Stir and reduce heat to low.  Simmer until ready to serve.

We use a MILD seasoning since we heat up the beans with some SPICE!

 Heat up your can of refried beans in a small pot on medium heat.  Add jalapeno, jalapeno juice and cilantro to the beans and stir.  Reduce heat to low until ready to serve.

TIP:  If you open one side of the can...and make a small hole on the other side...your beans will slide right out!

Start chopping your lettuce, onion and tomato.  Grate your cheese and set up your taco bar.

You can TOTALLY tell that not many members of my family like tomatoes and onions!

Heat up your tortillas if you like them like that.  Best done with a moist paper towel over the top of them on a plate in the microwave for about 15 seconds.


Compile your preference of a PERFECT taco and you are done!  Eat and enjoy!  I know I did!

THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN for visiting my blog.  I have some awesome things planned for the next few day and can't wait to show you!  I would LOOOOVE to hear your comments and all about how YOUR cooking adventures went.

Goodnight and see you tomorrow!  Be sure to let me know how YOURS turned out!


  1. We do this all the time too! Turkey is perfect for us and it's healthier, so we like it. It's fun to make your own and top them however you want.

  2. Mmmm... these are definitely my kind of tacos. I'm going to have to check out those jalapeno cilantro tortillas!
    And congratulations on your weight loss. looking forward to the diary page :)

  3. Looks yummers!!
    Such a delightful blog! Soooo happy to have found you. I'm here from Debbie's Newbie party to welcome you and I'm your newest follower. Pop over for a visit sometime and have a blessed Easter.


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