April 28, 2011

Tool Box Upcycle


Our town has a 'garbage day' ONCE a year where you can put all your garbage out on the street including big stuff like broken dressers and toilets for pick up by the garbage company.

As you can image....MANY people throw out AWESOME things!  And my mom and I...become DUMPSTER DIVERS!  Yes, I'm not kidding.  It's not actually a dumpster...we just drive around the neighborhoods and there is AMAZING stuff for the taking right on the street...FREE!

I found this old wooden tool box banged up and beaten and stained.  I LOVED it!

So first I had to clean it, wiped it out and vacuumed and lightly sanded it.

In the living room, I'm trying to bring in some of the greens and LIME greens.  So I started with this lime green dutch boy paint leftover from another project.

I didn't want to paint it SOLID so I dry brushed it.  Wanted to show the CHARM of the piece but still give the color base.  Turned out to be a great base but a little TOO lime green for me.  (And the pictures don't do it any justice!)

Then...since it was too FLUORESCENT I decided to add some ARMY green or Olive type green to give it some depth and mute the lime green tones a little.

I LOOOOOOOVED the look so...let it dry.  I had already decided I wanted to use it on the coffee table and refurbish it into a remote type caddy.

I LOVE how this turned OUT!  To the point where...you know....you look at it every time you walk in the room! :)  

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And stay tuned...I got more than one thing when we went out junking. :)

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  1. Awesome idea! A great place to keep allhe stuff!

  2. Very cute :) It looks so pretty holding that remote!

  3. This is a great, fun way to store the remote! The candle is a fun touch, such a luck find!

  4. What a terrific find! I love the plant in it. Looks great! Your newest follower. Hope you can visit me sometime!

  5. That is really neat. I would love to find one myself. Thanks for sharing at my newbie party.

  6. Oh my goodness, how cute, and how exciting that it is FREE! I love it when I find stuff like that!


  7. LOVE that you found this and gave it a new look and home!!! :) Looks so nice on your coffee table!!! We featured this on our Features post from the Fancy This Fridays link up! Hope you'll check it out and grab a featured button! :)


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